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OAR: The Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform (ISSN 2399-5092) is an online journal and research platform that engages with new and experimental ways of participating in knowledge production, specifically through practice based research. Practice based research is understood as a form of research that is innovative, dynamic, artistic, and anchored in practice. Although practice based research is becoming a key paradigm across different disciplines, it often remains theoretically enclosed within the realm of the arts. Our goal is to treat it as a broad, cross-disciplinary epistemological category, so that its grounds and boundaries can be explored, expanded, questioned and redefined.

Through its publishing activities, OAR seeks to challenge the bound temporality of the standard academic publication, and to stimulate a culture of timely response. Themed issues of the online journal appear twice-yearly, and are composed of commissioned contributions and curated submissions through an open call. The launch of an issue is its publishing event, but the issue does not assume its final form on that date. Instead, the issue continues to expand through the responses that are added to the site. We invite responses to specific articles and whole themed issues at all times.

The platform seeks to be a home for researchers with exploratory and/or evolving projects – a place where work at many stages of resolution can be showcased. OAR showcases experimental works, publishing content across different media, and allowing works-in-progress to be published over time. You can read more about the story and process behind OAR in our Issue Zero introduction. To keep up to date with OAR events, you can sign up to our mailing list, join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter.

OAR is founded and edited by Jessyca Hutchens (Oxford University), Anita Paz (Oxford University), Naomi Vogt (Oxford University), and Nina Wakeford (Goldsmiths, University of London).

Our advisory board includes Kathryn Eccles (Oxford University), Hanneke Grootenboer (Oxford University), Clare Hills-Nova (Oxford University), Laura Molloy (Oxford University), and David Zeitlyn (Oxford University).

Editorial assistant: Frances Whorrall-Campbell.

Published in Oxford (UK), by OAR Platform. Our publication statement can be found here. Journal ISSN: 2399-5092. OAR is funded by the Oxford University IT Innovation Seed Fund.

OAR’s bespoke typeface, Oar, was conceived by Julien Mercier.
OAR’s online platform was designed by Julien Mercier, and built by About Blank.

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