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You can contribute to the debates and discussions on OAR: The Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform by proposing a piece of writing, a work in any media, or an intervention. There are two ways to contribute: by submitting a proposal following a call for contributions for one of our themed issues (published twice yearly), or by proposing a response to any of our already published content or to any part of the platform. We encourage you to sign up to our mailing list to receive new calls for contributions, to be notified about newly published issues, and to stay updated on the project.

Current Opportunities

Call for contributions Issue 3: That’s All There Is

Open call: We are now seeking responses to Issue One: Sites of Research

Open call: We are always seeking responses to Issue Zero: Response

OAR is an online platform that publishes content around artistic and practice based research. We invite submissions in any media, and seek to include a wide range of views, approaches and formats. We encourage contributions at all stages of the OAR project. Initial content for each of our thematised issues is generated by responses to a call for contributions. Contributions are published online as part of the platform and in the journal as a downloadable issue (pdf/epub).

As well as each thematic call, we encourage responses on the platform to any of the issues at any time. These might be ripostes, rejections, works in progress, short provocations, or diversions, and may be in any media. Responses may address one specific paper or contribution, or be focused on the theme of the issue as a whole. We particularly encourage cross-disciplinary responses, and invite proposals to respond to any part of the platform and website.

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals for contributions and responses, as well as all inquiries about submissions should be sent to:

When submitting, please include:

1.Your submission:

1.1 A full contribution (recommended); OR

1.2 An abstract/proposal (500 words): please include not only the research questions, but also your argument and/or the details of your inquiry.

2. A short biographical statement (150 words)

3. Examples of previous work (optional):

3.1 For text-based proposals we recommend submitting one previous piece of writing, or links to works online.

3.2 For multimedia proposals we recommend submitting two images of previous work, or links to works online.

4. If proposing a response, please specify whether it will address an individual contribution or a specific Issue as a whole.

Please submit all written material in a Word document. Please review our full Submission Guidelines, which include our terms and conditions, before submitting a proposal.

Submission Guidelines

Please download and read our Submission Guidelines here before submitting a proposal or contribution.

Publication Statement

Our editorial process involves an open call for contributions as well as curated content. We work closely with all contributors, supporting the production of ambitious work.

Our joint peer review process involves a review and ranking by the four person editorial team of all open call proposals.

At least two editors provide jointly authored comments to accepted contributions.

OAR does not charge authors for publication.

Our Publication Statement may be found here.

Publishing Timeline

Issue Zero: Response (published October 2016, currently seeking responses)

Issue 1: Sites of Research (published April 2017, currently seeking responses, download previous call for contributions)

Issue 2: Validity (to be published October 2017, download previous call for contributions)

Issue 3: That’s All There Is (to be published April 2018, download call for contributions)

Issue 4: Collaboration (to be published October 2018, call for contributions pending)

Keep up to Date

To receive new calls for contributions and be notified when an issue is published, please join our mailing list. We will not pass on your information to any third parties. To keep up to date with OAR news and events, join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter.