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Excerpt from Femme Fabrications, 2016

Joseph Noonan Ganley

To cite this contribution:

Noonan-Ganley, Joseph. ‘Excerpt from Femme Fabrications, 2016.’ In response to Adrian Rifkin, ‘On Writing the Last Line First (One of Three Possible Titles),’ OAR Issue 0 (2016). OAR: The Oxford Artistic and Practice Based Research Platform Issue 0 (2016),

Note from the Editors: Joseph Noonan-Ganley was a part of the initial discussions that led to OAR and to the concept of Issue Zero as a series of responses. We wanted to draw his ideas back into the Issue in the form of a response to it as a whole. In this excerpt from a larger body of work, various connections might be drawn to Adrian Rifkin’s lecture, particularly to his mode of unfolding research as a series of incomplete offerings, as well as to his interest in using fragments (such as a phrase or a sentence) as a mechanism for setting out. Offering his own fragment, which touches on the tenuous nature of gift giving, Noonan-Ganley suggests a mode of responding that might be fragile, partial and parallel rather than reactionary.


About the author:

Joseph Noonan-Ganley is an artist who makes work through spending elongated amounts of time with particular archives, such as the writing of the medieval heretics the Cathars or Elizabeth Tolbert’s 1988 study of Finnish Karelian lament songs. Recent exhibitions include ‘plural melts: Femme Fabrications’, Yvonne Lambert, Berlin, DE (2016); ‘Café Night’, 50 Taaffe, Brooklyn, New York, USA (2016); ‘On Curating Histories’, National College of Art & Design, Du lin, IRL (2015); ‘Letters’, Kings College London, UK (2015).